I hereby give Young’s Animal Hospital permission to perform the treatment(s)/procedure(s) listed below on my pet. I have been advised to the nature of the procedure(s) and the risks involved. I understand that results cannot be guaranteed. I also understand that during the course of the procedure(s), unforeseen conditions may arise that may necessitate the performance of additional treatment. I understand that hospital support personnel will be used as deemed necessary by the Veterinarian.

  • I assume responsibility for all charges incurred from the care of my pet(s). I understand these charges MUST be paid at the time services are rendered. We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit. If your account becomes delinquent for any reason, you will be subject to a collection agency and/or fees of up to 40% of the outstanding balance.

    In accordance with credit card processing regulations, Young’s Animal Hospital requires that the signature on the card receipt be the same as the signature appearing on the credit card presented. ID may also be requested. Therefore, we ask that the cardholder be here in person to present their card and ID if applicable and sign the card receipt.